If you’re reading this you’re a musician interested in using tunecore to get your music out. Well it will get your music out but you won’t make a profit for shit. Ok so here’s the story. I put two albums on tunecore and the service works fast. My music is on itunes within a day and on amazon within a week. Everything is my music and my samples so I own the rights to everything. I made some sales totalling to about $100 in the later part of december.

Of course I don’t find out I made these sales until like two weeks later and they make you pay 3 bucks just to see what you make on itunes only but you don’t receive any cash yet. That’s irritating but that’s not scamming behavior, they don’t promise you instant reporting and you can do soundscan if you want instant tracking. What they do promise you is your money in 2 months. They make you wait at least 3 months, yes 3 months to get your money.
If you want to make a profit with tunecore, prepare to wait and wait some more or maybe receive nothing at all. The reason i’m so pissed off is on the tunecore site it says it pays the first wednesday of every month and the fourth wednesday of every month, two months after the month your music sells. So if I sold music on december 27th. I should expect payment 2 months later. Well it’s already the fourth wednesday of febuary, which is the 23rd right now and I haven’t gotten shit. So how come i’m not paid one cent tunecore. You guys are hoarding up my money and slurping up interest in the bank for at least a month.

More like scamcore. So let’s get down to how exactly tunecore is lying to their customers. They tell you the reason they can’t pay you is because the stores haven’t paid them yet and most of them don’t pay until two months later. Well everything’s fucking digital and instant dickwads. The stores have paid you within a month’s time and that’s when I expect my fucking money. Don’t give me that chargeback bullshit either. Yes stores wait up to month tops to give you guys money so a customer can’t do a chargeback because they paid with a bad card or they wanted it for free but that privelege is taken away within a month. look at the payment timeframes of honest working sites like zazzle.com and there’s actually real items being delivered so ridiculous that you assholes are pulling this shit on me for something that’s digital.
The timeframe of payment should be faster as a digital item is sold and delivered faster and the money is solidified faster. Tunecore always tries and blames the stores and say “oh well that’s their policy, we can’t change their policy to pay you faster.” It’s not their policy you dipshits. It’s yours and you just want more fucking money you greedy cunts so you drag payments on for at least an extra month. Even if one shitty store does do payments late you shouldn’t drag on all the other store’s payments for that one store as an excuse to make more interest off the money.

I know itunes and amazon pay within a month of the music being sold and they are the big money makers for musicians so get with the fucking program and start paying in a reasonable amount of time. I probably will get paid what’s owed to me but it is not in a timely manner and not even in the shit timeframe that was promised. 3 months is too long and not what I was promised. Also another thing that’s fishy about tunecore. No way that tunecore doesn’t take a cut of sales. They brag up and down that all they charge you is the fee up front and that’s it. Why am I only getting paid 70 cents for a song and 7 dollars for an album? I know itunes and other stores are taking their share which is ten cents per song and no more than a dollar per album. So that means tunecore is making 20 cents off each song you sell and another 2 dollars off each album. The reason I know this is because tunecore has a huge staff to pay and a huge corparate building and there is no way in hell the are able to function comfortably with small yearly fees. Even world of warcraft knows this.
They just want to get your music out there fast so they can make money off of it. It’s like youre doing all the work for them. Shit even their gay contest with paul barker required you to pay ten bucks to submit a song. What a fucking rip off. Ten bucks to join a gay contest. Tunecore is all about milking their customer where ever they can. That includes making you pay 3 bucks to see if you sold 3 bucks worth of music and taking more money behind your back. Fuck you shitcore. Fuck you up your gay corporate ass. If you want to sell music I suggest setting up a paypal store. Cut out the greedy middleman. Money is pretty much instant and you don’t have to worry about all the bullshit.

Source:- http://instylerecords.blogspot.com/2010/02/tunecore-biggest-scam-in-music-industry.html



  1. zazazazaz said:

    I really want to start my own record company and I distributed my songs through tunecore. Everybody is complaining but nobody is saying anything on how to fight them. Let us come together and fight them.

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